Andreas Schniertshauer :: Photography

Andreas Schniertshauer Photography :: Aachen, Eifel and Euregio :: photography in black + white or color, analog on film or polaroid or digital - showing nature and landscape, architectural, panoramic, event and people photos shot in Aachen, Eifel and the Euregio by Andreas Schniertshauer.

Andreas Schniertshauer Photography :: Talks in images and captures different moods in a minimalistic - sometimes abstract - style, telling stories of age and abandonment or showing moments of calmness, stillness or peacefulness shot on quiet abandonment and / or lost places where you can hear the sound of silence - or showing dark, stormy landscapes.

Photography :: Exhibition :: Aachen :: Aachen Cathedral :: Panorama :: 360° Panorama :: Black & White :: Polaroid :: Lost / Urbex :: Retro :: People :: Eifel :: Mood :: Locations