The title of the 9th Exhibition is "Bridges - Relations" in German "Brücken - Beziehungen".

I show one digital photography showing a bridge over the old highway A4 with a truck tire in the foreground and an photography shot with an analog rangefinder camera showing the "Rheinkniebrücke" in Düsseldorf with the television tower called "Rheinturm" in the background and an old man with this dogs on the right side.

Exhibition / Location / Date / Time:

"Bridges - Relations" in German "Brücken - Beziehungen"
Schloss Schönau, 1st floor, Sitzungssaal,
Schönauer Allee 20
52072  Aachen
07.09.2017 - 23.10.2017.
Google Maps Link, GeoHack - Koordinaten: 50° 48′ 40″ N, 6° 3′ 51″ O

Recommended Music

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The Cure - Inbetween Days

Shayan Mos - Relation - Original Mix

Paul van Dyk - In Between

Yello - Lost Again (Extended Dance Version)

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